Privacy Policy

The followings are BANDAI CO., LTD measures taken for the protection of personal information of (“the Information”) its customers.

  • 1.BANDAI will comply with the laws and regulations when handling the Information.
  • 2.BANDAI will only acquire the Information lawfully and rightfully.It will not use illegal methods to acquire such information.It will announce the purposes of uses of the Information.
  • 3.BANDAI will implement appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized accesses or losses, destructions, alterations, or disclosure of the Information.
  • 4.The Information collected shall be used for the following purposes:
    • (1) Provision of “Carddass Club” Service
    • (2) Deliveries of products, cards, prizes, etc.
    • (3) Sending electronic magazines (including advertisements) and other service information notifications.
    • (4) End-user supports.
    • (5) Statistical surveys and data analysis.
  • 5.BANDAI will ensure that the Information will not be kept longer than is necessary to fulfill the purposes of uses of the Information.
  • 6.In the event that BANDAI engages third parties for handling the Information on behalf of BANDAI, agreements between BANDAI and third party concerned will be entered into in order to ensure that the third parties will deal with the Information in a secured and responsible manner in accordance with the contractual terms & statutory requirements.
  • 7.In the event that BANDAI receives requests from the owner of the Information (“the Data Subjects”) to review, amend, or delete the Information, it will verify the identity of the people lodging the requests.
  • 8.Except for the following circumstances, BANDAI will not disclose the Information to any third parties:
    • 1.The Data Subjects agree to disclose by notices in writing.
    • 2.The Information is disclosed in a form whereby the customer cannot be identified (for example, statistical data).
    • 3.BANDAI is required to provide such Information in pursuant of the law and/or regulations, or court orders.
    • 4.BANDAI engages third parties for handling the information on behalf of BANDAI, such engagements shall be subject to Clause 6 above.
  • 9.BANDAI will review and improve its measures for the protection of the information on an ongoing basis.


In order to improve our services, individual customers’ cookies may be used on websites operated by BANDAI. These cookies shall not be regarded as infringing the privacy of customers. The purposes of the uses of cookies are clearly stated on our websites. Depending on the browser you use, you can inactivate the cookie function. As a result, however, you may not be able to access some or any of the services provided on our websites.

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Links to other websites

BANDAI assumes no liability for the handling of the information by third parties in which their websites are linked to websites operated by BANDAI.

Provisions of Personal Information by Minors

In the case where BANDAI intends to acquire the information from minors, it will obtain consents from their legal representatives in advance.

Inquiries of Personal Information

For any inquiries concerning your personal information, please inform our company by notice in writing. The correspondence address is:

Bandai CO., LTD
1-4-8, Komagata, Taito-ku,
Tokyo, 111-8081 Japon

Requests for Reviews, Amendments or Deletions of Personal Information

The Data Subjects have the rights to request for reviews, amendments or deletions of the Information (“the request”). Should the owners wish to exercise the rights, he/she needs to inform us by notice in writing to the correspondence address mentioned above. BANDAI will inspect and confirm the identity of the persons who make the requests to ensure that such requests are lawful.