What’s a JUDGE Exam

The Judge Exam is a special test used to determine your DBSCG knowledge.
Players who pass the exam are recognized as DBSCG Judges.

What You Can Do as a DBSCG JUDGE

  • ・Host your own tournaments!
  • ・Become a judge at large tournaments!

And that’s not all…
Judges also get access to exclusive card packs!
※Contact your event organizer for details.

After Passing Judge Exam

After Passing Judge Exam

Before Taking the Judge Exam

  • ・The following actions may result in the termination of your judge credentials.
    • (1)Having someone else take the judge exam in your place.
    • (2)Taking the exam with the help of multiple players.
    • (3)Transferring or exchanging your ID with others after passing the exam.
    • (4)Hacking or any other illegal activity.
    • (5)Any other illicit behavior.
  • ・Entrant exams will not be disclosed. However, hints will be provided for incorrect answers. We cannot answer any questions pertaining to exam questions or scoring.
  • ・If cheating is discovered following the end of the exam, you may be disqualified or have your passing exam results terminated, and be barred from re-taking the exam in the future.
  • ・If you pass the exam, please defer to the instructions of the event organizer.

※The Level 1 Judge Exam will be closing temporarily on March 15th.
We will announce when the exam re-opens on the BCC for players and the official website.