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To all Judges


To all Judges,

Thank you for supporting the Dragon Ball Super Card Game.

We've received a number of concerning reports about the way judges have behaved at certain tournaments, and felt it necessary to issue a statement to ensure everyone is aware of the issue.

These reports include examples of:

  • • Attacks on specific players.
  • • Unfairly favoring certain players.
  • • Unfair tournament management and prize distribution.
  • • Wielding judge powers in an arrogant and unruly manner.

These are clearly violations of DRAGONBALL SUPER CARD GAME Rules for Judge <About the prohibited matters of DBSCG Judge> (15) Any other acts that unfairly treat participants or make them uncomfortable.

We have the store information and judge IDs for the judges in question. If these reports continue, it's possible they may have their judge credentials revoked.

We understand that these reports are limited to a small segment of the total judge population, and don't want to blame everyone unilaterally for the mistakes of a few. The vast majority of judges perform their duties with honesty and integrity, and we couldn't be more thankful to have them as key figures in the DBSCG community. You put in tireless work to support the game, and deserve nothing but thanks.

Judges have special rights and privileges that must be wielded with care. We know you understand that, and ask that you continue to issue fair rulings to all players as important and respected figures in their communities. Thank you.




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